Welcome to the website of the Diocese of Awerial.  We will be adding news and content here over the next few months and aim to keep updating things as we go.  

The Diocese of Awerial became an Area Diocese of Yirol in 2008, it was officially ordained on 29thof November 2009 by his grace the most Revd. Dr. Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan and Bishop of Juba Diocese.  This was confirmed as the consecration of Suffragan Bishop Revd. David Akau Kuol as an Area Bishop/Area Bishopric. It was promoted as a full Diocese during the Provincial Standing Committee meeting at Bor, Jonglei State, held from 27th- 30th November 2013 and Inaugurated on the 18th October 2014 at St Paul Cathedral, Mingkaman, Awerial.  The Enthronement of the first Diocesan Bishop of Awerial was on the 11th January 2015 at St Paul Cathedral, Mingkaman, Awerial.

The Diocese of Awerial is in Lakes State in the centre of the Republic of South Sudan, the Diocese is bordering the following Sister Dioceses -
Diocese of Bor to the East
Diocese of Yirol to the North
Diocese of Terekeka to the South
Diocese of Mundri to the South East
Diocese of Rumbek to the West


The Diocese of Awerial is a well known place for people of God, since 19th century founded by the Church Mission Society (CMS) after the Baptism of John Aruor Ethor in 1916 the first Christian got baptised in South sudan, many people from Aliab/Awerial crossing the River Nile, like John Aruor who got Baptised in the above year.  Malek was the station of CMS, where neighbouring communities used to come and hear the message of God. And before that the Missionaries used to take the boats from Bor to Gut-alek/Awerial the main shore by that time was Yolakot Village where Jon Aruor Ethor came from, therefore, in December 1937, the Assistant Bishop of Sudan, Bishop Guy Bullen made a pastoral visited to Aliab unfortunately his plane got crash in place called Pap in Awerial Diocese and in the mid of 1980th many people turned to Christ, all these things made Awerial as a well-known place for many people of God.


  • The Diocese of Awerial will transform and change the lives of believers through mission and Evangelism
  • Will develop partnership within and beyond
  • The centre of Bible believing and unite the people of God in Awerial and beyond 

Mission statement:

"I will make all things new" (Rev. 21:5)